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Slide storeroom-rack-slider-photo-slider-2-a1-storeroom-rack-singapore ✓ Durable and Reasonable Pricing!
✓ Boltless Design That Conceal Holes!
✓ Holds Up To 200kg Weight!
✓ Free Delivery + Installation!
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Maximum Weight Load

per Shelves – 100 kg


L900 x D400 x H1830 ~ $150
L1000 x D400 x H1830~ $160
L1200 x D400 x H1830 ~ $170
L1500 x D400 x H1830 ~ $180


Note: We do not do customized L-Shaped racks at the moment.

Maximum Weight Load

per Shelves – 200 kg


L900 x D450 x H1840 ~ $190
L1050 x D450 x H1840 ~ $210
L1200 x D450 x H1840 ~ $220
L1500 x D450 x H1840 ~ $230


Note: We do not do customized L-Shaped racks at the moment.


#1 Shelf Rack, Storage Rack, Boltless Rack Installer in Singapore

✓ Durable and Reasonable Pricing!
✓ Black, Stylish, and Fits Any Home Aesthetic!
✓ Fully Metal Shelving, No Wood Plank!
✓ Adjustable Shelving!
✓ Fully Coated With Epoxy Powder, Rust-proof!


✓ 30-day Workmanship Warranty!
✓ Free Delivery + Installation!

A1 Storeroom Rack offers supply + install services for all your storeroom rack needs in Singapore. Our HDB bomb shelter racks, BTO bomb shelter racks, storeroom racks, shelf racks, metal racks, boltless rack, and storage racks will surely last for a long time to serve its purpose.


Importance of Installing A Storeroom Rack

☑ Have Additional Storage

☑ Keep Things More Organized

☑ Space-Saving

☑ Durable

☑ Comes In Different Sizes and Models

☑ Has Many Functions



Storeroom Rack

A storeroom rack plays a vital role in many homes in Singapore. It ensures that the space of your home is neat and organized. Apart from that, homeowners could also store heavy items since a storeroom rack is durable. Regardless of how small or big your home is, having a proper storage is efficient as it can make your day-to-day activities less stressful.

Bomb Shelter Rack

HDB or BTO bomb shelters in Singapore are often used as a storeroom because of the constraint in space in common HDB households. Many customers are starting to install bomb shelter racks inside their bomb shelters to utilize the given space. Each HDB bomb shelters may vary in space. Therefore, you should have knowledge in how you could measure the space you will be putting a storeroom rack in.



Boltless Rack

Boltless racks are another type of rack used in storerooms that are assembled without the use of nuts and bolts. They are designed for easier installation and for the homeowner to freely adjust the rack. This makes it the most versatile option to use in any available storage space.

#1 Shelf Rack, Storage Rack, Boltless Rack Installer in Singapore

A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore provides a professional supply and install services for storeroom racks, shelf racks, storage racks, boltless racks, metal rack shelves, and bomb shelter racks all around Singapore. We offer a wide range of high-quality and durable types of rack that will be handled professionally by our highly-trained technicians.


Types of Rack

Learn more about the Types of Rack we offer and what we can help you with.



Check out our Storeroom Rack articles to learn more.

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About Us

A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore provides one-stop supply and installation of the most durable storeroom racks, shelf racks, storage racks, boltless racks, metal rack shelves, and bomb shelter racks in Singapore. We also offer HDB bomb shelter racks, and BTO bomb shelter racks. Our professionally trained technicians will deliver and install your storeroom racks. We will also ensure that every service we provide is professionally handled. Check out our articles to have a wider view of our products, services, and the types of rack we offer. Contact us today or WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032.


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