When Should You Buy A New Shelf Rack?


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Many homes in Singapore have installed one or more shelf racks for storing items that they do not use on a daily basis. Like other furniture, the lifespan of the shelf rack is limited and varies depending on various factors like design, quality, and material which is used. Typically, if the shelf is made from wood or plywood, it will last for a shorter period of time. Since expensive or heavy items are sometimes stored on the rack, they can possibly collapse, damage, or worse, can cause an accident.  It is, therefore, necessary to monitor the condition of the installed shelf racks so that users can replace them when necessary. Some of the indications that the rack will have to be replaced are provided below.


Showing Signs of Wear and Tear

When the household rack is new, all the components are properly aligned and fixed. One of the things to know before installing a shelf rack is what to put on it because after some years, slowly the rack will show visible damage, especially if heavy items are being stored. In some cases, the vertical and horizontal beams may get twisted and skewed due to the pressure applied when keeping and removing heavy items. Connectors and other components can also be damaged, lost, or even come off – especially if the rack is of poor quality. If additional pressure is applied, the components can become misaligned or dented, so they can fall off quickly. This might lead you to replace the shelf racks with other types of racks available in the market.




Many homeowners prefer to use steel shelves because they are stronger and more affordable than stainless steel. Depending on the supplier selected, the steel racks are either galvanized, painted or epoxy coated. After some time, the protective coating may come off, and the racks may get rusted. If humidity is high and water or liquids are stored on the shelves, they are likely to rust. The corrosion reduces the strength of the racks significantly since some of the material is lost due to oxidation. Hence if rust spots are visible on the rack, it is advisable to replace the shelf rack, You can consider racks such as boltless racks or metal racks.


Shelves Are Falling Apart

The shelves used in the racks are made of different materials such as steel, wood, and plastic. The thickness of these shelves also varies. There are a lot of benefits of having a shelf rack in your HDB flat. This is why it is only fair to give attention to your shelf rack’s condition, Example, for metal shelves, holes may develop after a period of time, usually due to corrosion, friction, or the application of greater force. In some cases, smaller items can fall out of these holes, damaging them or mixing them with other items in storage. On the other hand, plastic and wooden shelves may also get twisted or bent after they are used for some time, due to the pressure applied. Additionally, wooden shelves may be attacked by insects or rot if they are wet for a longer time.


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Replacing a rack at home is a tedious process, and most homes do not have the expertise and tools for rack installation. Hence, it is beneficial to hire a professional to install your shelf rack. Contact a reputed firm like A1 Storeroom Rack to replace or install your shelf rack as they have skilled staff who are experienced in selecting the right rack and completing the shelf rack replacement effectively and efficiently.



It is important to know when it is time to replace your current shelf racks to avoid them from collapsing, or worse, causing an accident. If your current shelf rack is showing signs of wear and tear, rust, or it is clearly about to fall apart. It is recommended that you engage a professional rack installation service like A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore. They will be able to recommend the rack that meets your needs while providing installation/replacement services.


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