Why Is It Beneficial to Hire A Professional To Install Your Shelf Rack


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More property owners in Singapore are interested in purchasing and installing one or more shelf racks to increase the storage space available so that the home is less cluttered and more spacious. Also, there are benefits of having a shelf rack in their HDB flat. Typically, most of the companies selling a shelf rack in Singapore will deliver the various components of the shelf rack to the buyer to greatly reduce the shipping cost. The buyer is then expected to hire a professional to install the shelf racking system or prefer to install the shelf rack themselves. Here are some of the reasons why it is advisable to hire a reputed professional to install their shelf rack storage:


Save Time and Cost

Most property owners lack the experience and skills to install a shelf rack properly in their homes. If they wish to install it themselves, they will usually have to spend some time reading the user manual and other resources to understand how to do it. The property owner will also have to spend time doing the actual assembly for installation and spend money on purchasing the necessary tools and hardware – these are things to know before installing a shelf rack.

In contrast, a professional who has installed a large number of racks before will be able to complete the installation of the shelf rack taking far less time than the homeowner. The professional will also have the right tools and equipment for installation. Therefore, the cost is lower compared to purchasing tools and hardware which will be rarely used by the homeowner.




Each homeowner will have their unique requirement for different types of rack based on the additional storage space required, the area available, and the budget. Hence, it is advisable to consult a professional since they are aware of the different types of storeroom rack layouts, and various models and brands of shelf racks that are available for sale in Singapore. The professional will have information on the popularity of the different models, and brands, their pros, and cons, especially the design, quality, durability, and pricing. This information is often not easily available online. Thus, the professional will help the owner to find and install the right shelf rack for their home.


Skilled and Experienced


Most of the professionals have been trained in installing racks such as boltless racks and metal shelf racks. They have usually worked with an experienced professional before doing the installation themselves. Typically, the hired professionals have already installed hundreds of storeroom rack projects and shelf racks of different sizes, brands, and designs. Hence, they will quickly install the shelf rack quickly and efficiently using their skills and experience. Therefore, the user will not face any problems later on. The professional also has the best tools available to reduce the time taken for installing the shelf rack and ensure it is properly installed so that no repairs are required so soon. They will also provide free advice to the homeowner for maintenance of the installed shelf rack.


Able to Supply High-Quality Shelf Rack


All shelf racks are usually properly painted when they are new and being sold. Inspecting the rack will not help in assessing its durability. However, the quality of the rack can only be measured after it has been used for several months or years. If the rack is manufactured from poor quality material or there is a problem in the manufacturing process, the rack beams or other components may become twisted, bent, or fall apart. The rack may also collapse, leading to accidents, damage to items, and injuries. When this happens, it will be time for you to assess when you should buy a new shelf rack.

Professionals who are specializing in supplying shelf racks for several years to homes in Singapore are aware of the quality of the various brands and models of racks being sold. Therefore, they can supply high-quality racks to several homes based on their budget, price of the storeroom rack, and other factors.


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A lot of Singaporean homeowners are installing shelf racks in their homes to increase their storage space. It is beneficial to hire a professional to install their shelf racks as professionals have enough skills and experience and are more knowledgeable when it comes to shelf rack installation. They have the right tools and equipment; they can also supply high-quality types of racks. If you need excellent shelf racks, storage racks, or storeroom racks, contact A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore. Not only do they supply various racks but they have professional installers to properly and efficiently install your shelf rack.


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