4 Factors to Consider Before An HDB Storeroom Rack Installation


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Most homes have limited storage space available, and after living in it for some time, most homeowners find that the existing storage space is not enough. Hence, they are interested in purchasing one or more storeroom racks to increase the storage space available. Like other furniture, storeroom racks in Singapore are expensive, so the property owner should finalize factors such as the specification of the storeroom rack before searching for a suitable supplier and rack installation service. Here are some of the main factors to consider before opting for an HDB storeroom rack installation:


Storeroom Rack Height


One of the most important considerations while choosing a storeroom rack is the height of the rack. You must know how to measure the right storeroom rack for your home since it determines the storage capacity to a large extent. While the height of the storeroom rack is also a limiting factor, usually storeroom racks measure approximately 183 cm to fit rooms of standard height. This allows the rack to be easily transported and installed. However, if the storeroom rack’s height is more and a greater amount of storage space is required, the user can purchase a taller storeroom rack.

The storeroom shelving such as a storage rack will also depend on the height of the rack. If the height of the rack is less, it may only have three or four shelves, while taller racks can accommodate more shelves. Storeroom racks with more than 183cm of height will often have five, six, or seven shelves. The spacing between the racks will also depend on the height of the items being stored. If items are smaller, more shelves can be fixed for better separation between items.


Storeroom Rack Width


Like the storeroom rack height, the storeroom rack width should be selected depending on the space available in the storeroom. Many of the storeroom racks being sold have shelves of 60 cm in width, and these racks will usually be cheaper since larger volumes of these racks are sold. The standard width of the rack is usually suitable for most of the times which are stored at home. In case larger items are being stored, and there is more space available in the storeroom, the property owner can purchase a different type of rack that is of non-standard width or get it custom-made. However, the cost of larger racks may be higher. Storeroom racks of lower width may also be purchased if there is less space available in the storeroom.


Storeroom Rack Depth

The depth of the storeroom rack depends on the available storeroom space and the dimensions of the items being stored. The storeroom racks are available in different depths (e.g, 30 cm, 45 cm, and 60 cm) – for different types of storeroom racks layout. However, for very large storerooms, storeroom racks of the depth of 100 cm may be used. Usually, a rack depth of 45 cm is sufficient for storing most of the items being used at home. Property owners should be aware that it will be more difficult to access items kept in the back of the rack if the depths are more than 50 cm, especially if the rack is kept against the wall. The price of the storeroom rack will also be higher if the rack depth is more.


Weight Capacity


Another important consideration that every homeowner should check before purchasing a storeroom rack is the rated weight capacity of the rack. Typically, the manufacturer will specify how much weight each shelf of the rack can hold and the overall weight capacity. The weight capacity depends to a large extent on the material which is used for making the rack and the design of the rack. Most people prefer to install metal racks, usually made from epoxy coated steel or aluminum since they are more durable and can carry higher loads. These are just some of the benefits of installing a stainless steel storeroom rack. However, they are much more expensive. Some homeowners may purchase wooden or plastic racks since they are cheaper and if they mainly wish to store clothes, plastic, and other lightweight items.


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Most homeowners in Singapore find the need to make use of their storage space in their homes, making them interested in installing an HDB storeroom rack. Before opting for an HDB storeroom rack installation, they must consider some factors such as height, width, depth, and weight capacity of the storeroom rack. It is best to engage a professional storeroom rack installer once they have decided on a storeroom rack they wish to install. They are qualified to efficiently and perfectly do the job in no time.


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