How to Measure The Right Storeroom Rack For Your Home


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If you are striving to maintain and store your belongings at home, it can be challenging to maximize the amount of floor space you have available. Using a storeroom rack is an excellent option. You can keep more items in a smaller area and lessen the amount of clutter you have.  A broad variety of designs and sizes are available for the types of racks in Singapore, which can be used in a variety of settings. In order to ensure compatibility and stability, whether you are adding a new storeroom metal rack or having a storage rack installation, you need to take the proper measurements beforehand. The question is, “How do you do it?”.

We will walk you through every step in this guide on how to measure your storeroom space to find the perfect rack for your home.

Storeroom Rack Sizes & Prices

Maximum Weight Load Per Shelves – 100kg



Maximum Weight Load Per Shelves – 200kg


Step 1: Measure the Wall’s Length

When doing this step, be sure to properly measure the length of your wall. Using the diagram, measure the length of the wall which is denoted by X being the length of wall B and Y being the length of wall A. When doing so, make sure to measure from the floor as some storerooms have skirting along the sidewall. Measurements should be made from the skirting to the skirting floor. As you are measuring, allow 1cm or 2cm of space as fitting a shelf too tightly is not advisable.  For example, a 100cm rack requires a space of at least 102 cm to fit.

You should also bear in mind that most HDB ceilings are about 2.6 meters high so do choose a storeroom rack that has a height of around 2 meters. You should also take into consideration switches or circuit boxes if any are present inside the storeroom. In some instances, re-adjusting the shelving is necessary to avoid the circuit box.


Step 2: Measure the First Rack to Fit Wall B

Before choosing your storeroom rack, research and compare the different types of storeroom layouts that are best recommended for your storeroom. Should you go for an L-shaped or U-shaped storeroom rack? Start with the shorter side of your wall (see “Wall B) and see the size of rack you can fit here. Normally for wall B, a smaller rack measuring about 40cm or 50cm in depth is chosen. However, a rack that has 40 cm in depth is preferred to allow a longer rack to be placed on wall A. For example, a storeroom rack with a measurement of 100cm x 40cm can be chosen for wall B.


Step 3:  Measure the Second Rack to Fit Wall A

After you have chosen the size of the first storeroom or storage rack, you can now measure the remaining space on Wall A. Once this is done, you can decide on the size of the second rack.  Essentially, the remaining space of wall A should fit the second rack. For example, you can choose a storeroom rack with a measurement of 120cm x 40cm for wall A if the storeroom rack for wall B has a measurement of 100cm x 40cm.


Step 4: Review Your Measurements

Now that you have your measurements, go through them thoroughly. Compare the different storeroom rack layouts -which layout are you most comfortable with? Try to imagine how everything will look once it is put together. Make necessary adjustments if need be. Once you have done this, consider if the pricing is appropriate in light of all of the many options and ask yourself if the various types of rack (e.g., boltless racks or metal racks) are within your budget.


Step 5: Call A Professional Storeroom Rack Installer

Once you are done with all of the measurements and feel confident with it, call a professional storeroom rack installer like A1 Storeroom Rack. This is one of the important factors to consider before opting for an HDB storeroom rack installation. In addition to the measurements you took, we may also help to put together a recommendation of the different types of storeroom racks for your consideration. Whatsapp us to get a recommendation today!



It can be difficult to maximize the amount of floor space you have access to if you are trying to preserve and store your possessions at home. One good approach to this is to use a storeroom rack.  Storeroom racks in Singapore come in a wide range of styles and sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. If you are installing a new storeroom or replacing your old one, you will want to make sure you get the right measurements first. In order to measure the right storeroom rack for your home, start with measuring the length and width of your wall. Make sure to add ample space for wires and circuit boxes. Next, measure the shorter side of the wall to give space for the first rack followed by the longer side of the wall to fill the second rack. Lastly, go over your measurements one last time and call a professional storeroom rack installation provider to handle the installation of your storeroom rack. Make sure to find a reputable provider — one that can offer you their portfolio of works and be transparent with their prices.


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