The Difference Between L-Shaped and U-Shaped Storeroom Racks


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Many homeowners are interested in buying storeroom racks to make use of the vertical space available in their homes, especially in their storeroom. Did you know that there are different types of storeroom racks available in the market? Currently, the L-shaped and U-shaped storeroom racks are gaining more popularity in Singapore.  If you are wondering which type of rack is for you, we have listed the differences between an L-shaped and a U-shaped storeroom rack below.


L-Shaped Storeroom Rack 


The L-shaped storeroom rack is one of the most popular storeroom rack options in Singapore. It is set perpendicularly in the corner of the storeroom with two racks placed next to one another. A factor to consider before opting for an HDB storeroom rack installation is the racks’ dimensions which will depend on the space available. If you are looking for a storeroom rack for a small room with a door, then an L-shaped rack will be ideal for you. With the L-shaped storeroom rack, homeowners are able to easily store their kept items and retrieve them when needed. Additionally, they are able to find their items easily in the different racks.

There are different types of storeroom racks layout available with materials such as wood, plywood, and steel. Wood or plywood storeroom shelves are typically cheaper, although this kind of material needs more maintenance and also has less durability. On the other hand, metal racks are known to be more durable since they are usually made from steel and epoxy coated. Nuts and bolts were needed before assembling these racks. These days, newer designs of racks can be assembled with minimum use of hardware. Before making your decision, you can research more on which to install – a wooden or metal storage rack.


U-Shaped Storeroom Rack 


If you are looking to have more storage space, a U-shaped storeroom rack will be ideal. It includes three racks placed together to form a U-shape formation. A U-shaped storeroom rack includes three racks placed together that form a U-shape pattern. Each of the racks’ dimensions shall be based on the selected available area where it will be placed. Therefore, before installing, it is important to know how to measure the right storeroom rack for your home. The length and depth of each type of rack might vary, even if the height of each rack may be similar. U-shaped storeroom racks are mostly used in storerooms with a door in the middle. They are available in wood or metal.


L-Shaped vs U-Shaped Rack – Which one is for you?

 Although an L-shaped and U-shaped rack can be used for similar purposes, they still have their differences. You must consider some factors, risks, and installation requirements before selecting between the two. If you have a wider and more available space, you can opt for a U-shaped rack, if you have limited space, then an L-shaped rack may be the one for you. You can take a look at your available space and take its measurements for you to come up with a more informed decision. All will still depend on your needs, especially your budget. It is important to know the price of the storeroom rack before anything else.



Most homeowners in Singapore are interested in buying a storeroom rack in their homes to store and organize their kept items. The L-shaped and U-shaped storeroom racks are the most popular choices for storeroom racks in Singapore. The main differences between the two are the dimensions of the rack, their shape, and their structure. It will still depend on the homeowner’s available space to determine which storeroom rack is suitable for their home. A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore provides the best and most durable storeroom racks. Not only do they supply various types of racks such as shelf racks and boltless racks, but they can also assist you in efficiently installing your selected storeroom rack.


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