Boltless Rack


Boltless Rack

Maximum Weight Load per Shelves – 100 kg


L900 x D400 x H1830 ~ $150
L1000 x D400 x H1830~ $160
L1200 x D400 x H1830 ~ $170
L1500 x D400 x H1830 ~ $180


Note: We do not do customized L-Shaped racks at the moment.
Maximum Weight Load per Shelves – 200 kg


L900 x D450 x H1840 ~ $190
L1050 x D450 x H1840 ~ $210
L1200 x D450 x H1840 ~ $220
L1500 x D450 x H1840 ~ $230


Note: We do not do customized L-Shaped racks at the moment.


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Introduction To Boltless Racks

For first-time buyers, it may get a bit confusing to choose a boltless rack that fits your needs. Therefore, be sure to read this introduction to boltless racks.

Types Of Racks

Standard Rectangle Boltless Rack 


One factor to consider before buying and installing a boltless rack is knowing what size best fits your house. A standard rectangle boltless racks are used in HDB flats or bomb shelters.

L-Shape Boltless Rack

If you are wondering which boltless rack layout is the best for your HDB bomb shelter you might consider this since this is very common for bomb shelters.

U-Shape Boltless Rack


The advantages of installing a boltless rack that is U-shaped is that it can maximize the space while giving easy walkway access in the middle.

Advantages of Boltless Rack

Easy To Install

The difference between bolted racks and boltless racks is that a bolted rack will need several tools to set it up. While for boltless racks, you could install them easily since you only need a rubber mallet.


Boltless shelves are very durable since they are made from galvanized steel.

Easy Accessibility


Boltless racks helps to locate any stored items easily, which is a great advantage for homeowners.

More Affordable

Since it is durable, it is a great cost-effective storage solution.

Optimize The Use of Space

What is also great with this storage rack is that it gives homeowners maximum storage capacity.

After knowing the introduction to boltless racks, you should also be informed of the advantages of installing boltless storage racks in Singapore.


The Advantages Of Installing Boltless Storage Racks In Singapore

Most of the types of racks used for a long time are bolted and need intensive labor and time to set up.  Due to this issue, we will share with you the advantages of installing boltless racks in Singapore.

It Is Easy To Install


As an introduction to the boltless rack, the first thing you should know is that this rack comes with interlocking rivets, shelf beams, and keyhole slots that easily slide into place.

It Is Safe


The epoxy coating is resistant to various corrosive substances, so whichever boltless rack layout you think is best for your HDB bomb shelter you can be assured that everything will be safe.

It Is Economical

One good thing about purchasing storeroom racks is that it is a cheaper way of storing goods in HDB houses.

It Is Versatile


The benefit of using storage racks at home is adjustable and versatile. You can get it installed and dismantled easily.

It Is Stable And Durable

Most storage boltless racks are made of high-quality steel and thus they are very durable and stable.

Since you are now aware of the advantages of installing a boltless rack, it is also best to get to know the difference between bolted storage racks and boltless storage racks.


The Difference Between Bolted Storage Racks And Boltless Storage Racks

Usually, shelf racks are assembled using nuts and bolts which ensure that the components remain in place. A few decades ago, most people are preferring boltless racks since they can be quickly assembled and dismantled whenever required.

The main differences between the bolted and boltless storage racks are described for homeowners who are planning to purchase one or more storage racks in Singapore.

Bolted Storage Racks


Bolted types of racks are using a large number of nuts and bolts to fix the various components together.

Boltless Storage Racks


A factor to consider before buying and installing a boltless rack is that they do not require specialized tools for assembly.

Which Rack Should I Install?


Families in Singapore are preferring to purchase white-colored boltless racks since they are the latest trend and it is also easy to locate items on the white rack.

Now that you have learned the difference of both storage racks, you should also know which boltless rack layout is the best for your HDB bomb shelter.


Which Boltless Rack Layout Is The Best For Your HDB Bomb Shelter?

Installing a boltless rack, you can maximize the space in your storeroom or HDB bomb shelter to store your things. To help you make an informed decision, we can help you decide which boltless rack layout is the best for your HDB bomb shelter.

Factors To Consider

There are two factors to consider so that you can determine which boltless rack layout is ideal for your storeroom or HDB bomb shelter.

Size Of Stored Items

You must first identify how big they are as it will affect the number of shelves you should get for your boltless rack.

Bomb Shelter Size And Shape

The shape and the size of the HDB bomb shelter are one of the biggest factors that will help determine which rack layout – either an L-shaped or U-shaped storeroom rack.

Different Boltless Rack Layout

By measuring the right storeroom rack for your home, you could identify which boltless rack layout is best for your HDB bomb shelter.

Rectangular Narrow Room – Connected Rack Row


A rectangular narrow room is a common HDB bomb shelter room size in Singapore. This is a good  introduction to boltless racks, as it can maximize the longer end of the HDB bomb shelter storeroom.

Wide Rectangular Room – L-Shape Rack


Some advantages of installing a boltless storage rack, such as the L-shape boltless rack, include maximizing the storage space on one side of the room which is far from the door.

Spacious Square Room With A Door At The Middle – U-Shape Rack


The U-shape boltless rack is composed of two boltless racks on both sides of the room, with a connecting rack placed in between.

Once you have decided which boltless rack to install, make sure that you are also aware of the factors to consider before buying and installing boltless racks.


Factors To Consider Before Buying And Installing A Boltless Rack In Singapore

The boltless rack has boltless shelves, which are used for storing the different household items that are not always needed. Some of the factors to consider before buying and installing boltless racks in Singapore are discussed in detail.

Buying A Boltless Rack


Boltless rack is cheaper compared to other racks (e.g. shelf racks). The boltless rack’s cost depends on its size, quality, and design.

Boltless Rack’s Size


The homeowner should decide which boltless rack layout is the best for their HDB bomb shelter to know what items needs storage space.

Weight Capacity

Generally, all types of racks are classified as light, medium, and heavy – based on the weight they can carry.

Installing a Boltless Rack

Check For Complete Parts

The homeowner should check the components received and ensure that all the components are delivered.

Boltless Rack Location

Aside from measuring the right storeroom rack for your home, you should also consider the location of your boltless rack.

Trusted Supplier and Installer


It is recommended to hire the services of reputable and trusted suppliers and installers such as A1 Storeroom rack for storage rack installation.

Right Tools Needed

Most rack manufacturers will specify the tools required for installation, and professional installers will ensure that the right tools are used.


For safety purposes, only professionals who are well trained and equipped with the right equipment should do the boltless rack installation.



In Singapore, boltless racks have become popular in many HDB or bomb shelters as it can help store items neatly. There are also several advantages of installing boltless storage racks, and those are easy installation, durable, versatile, and budget-friendly.

Always remember that before installing any type of rack, you should compare the different types of storeroom rack layouts (e.g. L-shaped or U-shaped storeroom rack). This way can help you determine which kind of layout is suitable for your home.

If you need help in buying a boltless rack, do not hesitate to give us a call at A1 Storeroom Rack. We supply and install storage racks for many homes here in Singapore.


A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore provides a one-stop supply and installation of the most durable storeroom racksshelf racksstorage racks, boltless racksmetal rack shelves, and bomb shelter racks in Singapore. We also offer HDB bomb shelter racks and BTO bomb shelter racks. Our professionally trained technicians will deliver and install your storeroom racks. We will also ensure that every service we provide is professionally handled. Check out our articles to have a wider view of our products, services, and the types of racks we offer. Contact us today or WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032.

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