The Advantages of Installing Boltless Storage Racks in Singapore


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Most of the types of racks used for a long time are bolted and need intensive labor and time to set up.  Furthermore, traditional nuts and bolts are not rustproof so they rust quite fast. Rusted bolts look unattractive and the specks of rust might even fall on the items on your rack.  Due to this problem, people in Singapore have started using boltless racks. This type of rack offers quite a number of advantages and we shall learn about it right away.


It Is Easy to Install

As an introduction to the boltless rack, the first thing you should know is that there is no special tool needed to assemble this rack. This rack comes with interlocking rivets, shelf beams, and keyhole slots that easily slide into place. No cross bracing is needed here. Instead, the standard units can get support from floor bolts, anchors, or even optional center supports.


It Is Safe


Safety should be your primary concern when selecting a storage rack. A boltless rack can prove to be your best bet because it is made to last due to the smooth epoxy coating. This epoxy coating is resistant to various corrosive substances, so whichever boltless rack layout you think is best for your HDB bomb shelter you can be assured that everything will be safe. 


It Is Economical

One factor to consider when buying and installing a boltless rack is that it is a cheaper way of storing goods in HDB houses. They are quite economical and they do not even take any extra floor space. In fact, once you get a storeroom boltless rack installed, you will have even more space to store things.


It Is Versatile


A boltless storage rack is adjustable and thus is also versatile. You can get it installed and dismantled easily, which is a significant difference between bolted storage rack and a boltless storage rack. You can also adjust it to any height to store the items that you want. Only two separate stands hold the rack together.


It Is Stable and Durable


Most storage boltless racks are made of high-quality steel and thus they are very durable and stable. Many steel racks can support up to 200 kg. Even if you need a place to store heavy items, you do not need to worry at all because your boltless rack shall handle that with absolute ease.


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A boltless rack is a type of rack that does not need any bolt or nut to put together. It is recommended because it is much easier to install because you will just be needing a mallet to keep the shelves intact. It is also safer, economical, versatile, stable, and durable. If you are decided to purchase one, you can trust A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore to give you a quality boltless rack and even install it for you so you would not worry about anything.


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