Why Should You Install Metal Racking For Your Home?


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When not organized properly, the scattered household items can create quite a bit of clutter. Therefore, many homeowners are installing storeroom racks so that they can better organize their belongings. When purchasing one or more storeroom racks for items like home appliances, documents, computer hardware, and many others, it’s advisable to choose metal racking for your storeroom. 

The following are benefits of installing metal racking for your home: 


It Allows You To Maximize and Save Space  


There is only a limited amount of floor space within an apartment. When placed on the floor, homeowners may find that their house is not big enough to store all their larger furniture and items.  To ensure ample living space, one of the best recommended solutions is to optimize the usage of the vertical space. This can reach about 2.6 metres in a typical Singaporean home.

A metal rack is one of the few types of racks that extends from the floor to the ceiling. As a result, one of the major benefits of having a metal rack in your HDB flat is that it allows you to fully utilize the vertical space in your home. As a result, you’ll have more floor space that can be used for other household essentials. Just make sure to know how to measure the right storeroom rack for your home so you don’t end up installing a metal racking that’s too long or wide.


It Makes It Easier To Access Household Items     


Many cupboards and cabinets have a closed design. This means that they need enough space for their doors to be opened and cannot be accessed from behind. Some shelves even have a design that is so restrictive it limits the size and number of items you can store. 

A major reason you should install metal racking for your home is its open shelving system. Thanks to this design, you won’t have to open any doors just to retrieve one of your household items. Moreover, you will be able to locate it easily. It will also be easier to organize any of your belongings as you see fit. For example, many homeowners prefer to use the topmost portion of the rack to store items that are rarely used or don’t require much maintenance.

Be sure to know the different types of storeroom rack layout as it can help to see if you will have easy access to your household items once you’ve installed the metal racking.


It Makes Your Home More Organized


Homes without metal racking tend to have numerous items scattered in various areas. At times, they are even placed on top of other furniture or just dumped in the corner. In addition to making your home look unsightly, this clutter can make it hard for household members to retrieve important items especially when they need to be used immediately. Furthermore, it can make it hard for family members to move around freely due to the sheer number of items that take up a single space. 

Fortunately, metal racking enables you to arrange your household essentials, so you don’t have to pile them together. You will thus have a cleaner looking home and be able to retrieve any important items more easily. In addition, you’ll be able to move around your home much more freely once you follow the tips on how to store items on your metal racking safely.


It Can Store Old Items More Conveniently


Similar to the benefits of using a storage rack, one of the benefits of installing metal racking is that it is a more convenient way of storing any household items that are rarely used for future needs. As long as you know the things to consider when installing metal racking in your home, a metal rack will provide you with a place to keep old but functional appliances and valuable mementoes such as stamps, coins, or even keychains. You won’t have to throw away any items simply because they’re old and hardly used.


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More and more homeowners are choosing to have metal racking in their homes because of the many benefits it provides. If you are among them, consider contacting A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore for a fast and efficient installation. We have different types of quality racks that you can choose from. In addition, our team of professionals are skilled and experienced enough to install your chosen rack without any damage whatsoever. 



There are many people in Singapore who can benefit from having metal racking inside their homes. This is because it allows you to maximize and save space and makes your home less cluttered. Moreover, it shares a common advantage of installing a boltless storage rack in that it makes it more convenient for you to access household essentials as well as store rarely used items and mementoes. If you need assistance in buying and installing one, it is recommended to engage a professional such as A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore as they have the skills and experience in supplying and installing metal racking.


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