The Difference Between Bolted Storage Racks and Boltless Storage Racks


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Usually, metal furniture like shelf racks are assembled using nuts and bolts which ensure that the components remain in place. A few decades ago, most of the racks people owned were bolted racks that were assembled with bolts and nuts. In the last decade, however, most people are preferring boltless racks since they can be quickly assembled and dismantled whenever required. The boltless shelves can also be easily fitted in the rack.

The main differences between the bolted and boltless racks are described for homeowners who are planning to purchase one or more storage racks in Singapore.


Bolted Storage Racks


Bolted types of racks are using a large number of nuts and bolts to fix the various components together. Due to this, assembly of the bolted rack will take a longer time since each bolt has to be correctly placed and tightened. More space is also required for assembling the rack. If the rack has to be shifted, especially larger racks, they will have to be dismantled and this will also take more time since each of the nuts will have to be removed.

Additionally, the nuts on bolted racks are likely to get rusted over time thereby reducing the strength and reliability of the rack. When this happens, it could be a sign that you should buy a new shelf rack. That said, bolted racks are useful when smaller racks are required. Before you buy a rack, take note of the size of your room so that it fits properly.


Boltless Storage Racks


The ease of assembly of this rack type makes it easier for buyers to see the benefits of using storage racks at home. Increasingly, homeowners are opting to install metal rack shelves that are boltless since they do not require specialized tools for assembly. Only a rubber mallet or hammer is usually sufficient. 

A boltless rack has slots that are used for interlocking the components together. Hence, it can be assembled quickly. If the rack has to be moved to another place, it can also be easily dismantled. 

Boltless racks are available with keyhole hinges measuring 1.5 cm in depth or butterfly hinges measuring 3 cm in depth. With greater depth, the butterfly hinges are more stable and provide better support for the items kept on the shelf. In contrast, lower depth means the keyhole hinges may come apart if more pressure is applied. 

There are a large number of companies supplying boltless racks, so it is advisable to check the rating of the rack before purchasing it. Depending on the weight they are designed to carry, the racks are classified as light, medium, and heavy-duty for higher weights. 


Which Rack Should I Install?


Homeowners in Singapore are increasingly preferring to install one or more boltless racks in their homes since it is easier to assemble or dismantle as required. Many companies realize that the demand for storage racks is increasing. This is because people want to utilize the space available in their home property by storing the items which they do not use daily.

If you’re looking to purchase a storage rack or storeroom rack, make sure to learn how to measure the right storeroom rack for your home before purchasing one. Singapore families are preferring to purchase white-colored racks since they are the latest trend and it is also easy to locate items on the white rack. 


Contact A1 Storeroom Rack for Boltless Rack Installation Services 


It is beneficial to hire a professional to install your shelf rack or boltless rack since most homeowners do not have the expertise and tools for rack installation. If you are looking for a company that offers boltless rack installation services, contact A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore for safe and quick rack installation for all types of racks.



There are certain key distinctions between bolted and boltless racks that prospective storeroom buyers should be aware of. The numerous components of bolted storage racks are held together by a high number of nuts and bolts. This means the bolted rack assembly is going to take a long time since each bolt needs to be properly positioned and fastened.

On the other hand, the lack of specialized equipment needed to assemble metal boltless racks for storage is a big selling point for homeowners who want to save money on storage costs. There are slots in the boltless rack’s components that are utilized for interlocking the components together.

Having a professional like A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore install your boltless rack can save you time and money since most homeowners lack the necessary skills and equipment. Make sure you deal with a trustworthy company that can show you their projects and is open about their pricing. The delivery and installation of your racks will be handled by A1 Storeroom Rack’s team of highly skilled professionals who can address your needs in an efficient manner.


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