Which Boltless Rack Layout is the Best for Your HDB Bomb Shelter?


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Is your home cluttered with several items and you are looking for a way to store them? By installing a boltless rack, you can maximize the space in your storeroom or HDB bomb shelter to store your things. Bomb shelters and storeroom sizes vary, and so do the items that you are about to store. To help you make an informed decision, we identified some factors that can help you decide which among the different types of storeroom rack layout is best for your HDB bomb shelter.


Factors to consider

Creating your ideal storeroom does not only depend on the space available. There are two factors to consider so that you can determine which boltless rack layout is ideal for your storeroom or HDB bomb shelter.

Size of Stored Items

Take a good look at your household items – this is a factor to consider before installing an HDB storeroom rack. You must first identify how big they are as it will affect the number of shelves you should get for your boltless rack. For large items with a height of 40cm, you should go with a 4-shelf boltless rack. As for your normal household items, a 5-shelf boltless rack is recommended in order to maximize the storage space available.

Bomb Shelter Size and Shape

The shape and the size of the HDB bomb shelter are one of the biggest factors that will help determine which rack layout – either an L-shaped or U-shaped storeroom rack, should be used to maximize your storage space.


Different Boltless Rack Layout  

To help you better understand and discover which boltless rack layout is suitable for your HDB bomb shelter, we shall learn what type of room you have. From there, we can measure the right storeroom rack for your home and identify which boltless rack layout is best for your HDB bomb shelter.

Rectangular Narrow Room – Connected Rack Row


A rectangular narrow room is one of the most common HDB bomb shelter room sizes in Singapore. The shorter wall (Y) is less than 130 cm long, and the longer wall (X) is more than 190 cm long. The recommended boltless rack layout for this type of room is the connected rack row. A connected rack row is formed by two or more boltless racks. For example, you can have 2 boltless racks with a length of 90cm put side by side. This is a good introduction to boltless racks and can be used to maximize the longer end of the HDB bomb shelter storeroom. It also provides sufficient floor space to store bulky items without blocking entry into the storeroom. 

Wide Rectangular Room – L-Shape Rack


A wide rectangular room is a type of bomb shelter storeroom that is most common with a 4-room or a 5-room HDB flat. The door is usually placed on either side of the wall and is rarely in the middle. Both the length (denoted by Y) and width (denoted by X) of the HDB bomb shelter are at least 130 cm. Therefore, you can select a boltless rack with a length of 120cm to be placed on both walls. L-shaped boltless racks are recommended for this type of room. Some advantages of installing a boltless storage rack, such as the L-shape boltless rack, include maximizing the storage space on one side of the room which is far from the door. This way, you can go in and out of your storeroom without any difficulty. An L-shape boltless rack is also known for its ability to store items at the corner of the rack without any obstacles.

Spacious Square Room with a Door at the middle – U-Shape Rack


If both the length (denoted by Y) and the width (denoted by X) of your HDB bomb shelter are at least 150cm, you can consider boltless racks with a U-shaped layout. The U-shape boltless rack is composed of two boltless racks on both sides of the room, with a connecting rack placed in between. You can also choose a rack with a shorter length to replace the connecting rack if unavailable. With this type of setup, you will have a large storage space without having any difficulty accessing the corners of the room. A U-shaped boltless rack layout is not recommended for new generation HDB flats in Singapore as the HDB bomb shelters are not that big enough. Having adequate space is an important factor to consider when buying and installing a boltless rack.


Call A Professional Boltless Rack Installer

Once you have decided on the boltless rack layout for your HDB bomb shelter, engage a professional supply and install a boltless rack service provider such as A1 Storeroom Rack. With our experienced and skilled team of professionals, we can help install your storeroom racks efficiently and properly. Whatsapp us to get your boltless rack today!



If you are planning to maximize your storage space in your HDB bomb shelter, then you must be considering installing a boltless rack. First, you should weigh in factors such as the size of your stored items as well as the shape and size of your HDB bomb shelter. These can help you select the ideal boltless rack layout that fits your available space. The specifications and differences are mentioned above. It is recommended to engage a professional from A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore. They can assist you to make an informed purchase as they supply different types of racks. They can also effectively install your selected boltless rack for your HDB bomb shelter in no time!


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