Factors to Consider Before Buying and Installing A Boltless Rack in Singapore


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Originally, most racks required bolts to assemble, which was tedious and time-consuming. As technology and rack design have advanced, many companies are selling racks that can be assembled without the use of bolts. The boltless rack has boltless shelves, which are used for storing the different household items that are not always needed. It’s important to choose the right rack (e.g. shelf rack, storage rack, etc.) and choose the right location to prevent wasting time later. Some of the factors to consider when buying and installing boltless racks in Singapore are discussed in detail.


Buying A Boltless Rack


One advantage of installing a boltless rack is that it is way cheaper than other racks. The boltless rack’s cost depends on its size, quality, and design. The buyer should then decide the budget for the boltless rack first before purchasing. The majority of these sellers will show the available racks that will fit within the buyer’s budget.


Boltless Rack’s Size


Another factor to consider when buying a rack is its size, as it determines the available storage space. The homeowner should decide what items he needs storage space for and make sure the racks have enough shelves. He should also make sure which boltless rack layout is the best for their HDB bomb shelter.


Weight Capacity

As an introduction to boltless racks, one of the good things about this is its ability to store heavy items. The shelves are designed to carry a specific weight. Note that an appropriate shelf should be selected based on the weight of the items to be stored. Generally, racks are classified as light, medium, and heavy – based on the weight they can carry. If heavier items like computers or home appliances are being stored on the rack, a heavy-duty rack should be purchased.


Installing a Boltless Rack

Check For Complete Parts

Usually, the rack seller will send a list of components along with any type of rack delivered. The homeowner should check the components received and ensure that all the components are delivered.


Boltless Rack Location


The location of the rack should make it convenient to store and remove items. It should be placed in an infrequently used place so that it does not have to be moved.


Trusted Supplier and Installer


It is recommended to hire the services of reputable and trusted suppliers and installers such as A1 Storeroom rack for storage rack installation. We will install all types of racks quickly and safely because our staff is skilled, experienced, equipped with the right tools, and has the necessary expertise.


Right Tools Needed

Most rack manufacturers will specify the tools required for installation, and professional installers will ensure that the right tools are used.



For safety purposes, only professionals who are well trained and equipped with the right equipment should do the rack installation.


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Once you purchase your desired rack, we will deliver and install it for you. Our staff are all well trained and are equipped to install your racks efficiently and effectively.



When buying a boltless rack, there are factors that need to be considered like the budget, the rack’s size, and the weight capacity needed to have the right storage rack for your stuff. Knowing this is important so that supply and installation companies like A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore can offer the right rack for you and help you from delivering the boltless rack, to installing it at your home.


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