Introduction to Boltless Racks


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A boltless rack is an easy-to-install rack that is perfect for storing things in your home that you do not need often. Boltless racks are easier to install than other types of racks. The nice thing about this type of storage solution is that it comes in a variety of sizes. Homeowners are able to choose what rack size is fit their homes. For first-time buyers, it may get a bit confusing to choose a boltless rack that fits your needs. This will serve as your introduction to expanding your understanding of boltless racks


Types of Racks

Standard Rectangle Boltless Rack 


This type of rack is the standard unit used for HDB flats or bomb shelters. One factor to consider before buying and installing a boltless rack is knowing what size best fits your house. This rack is best connected with two or more standard rectangle boltless racks to increase storage space and create a straight rack row. The best layout for this is to place it on a corner space and against the wall to have that frontal access without obstructing the walkway.


L-Shape Boltless Rack 

L-shape boltless rack is also a common choice for HDB homes. This rack is best even for small rooms with a door on the left or right. An L-shaped boltless rack is a standard rectangle boltless rack connected to form a letter L. If you are wondering which boltless rack layout is the best for your HDB bomb shelter you might consider this since this is pretty common for bomb shelters.


U-Shape Boltless Rack 


If you have a room with a door in the middle and want increased storage, a U-shaped boltless rack is the best to maximize the space while giving easy walkway access in the middle. This is a great example of the advantages of installing a boltless rack for homeowners because of its ability to optimize space. This type of rack is similar to an L-shaped boltless rack with just an additional standard rectangle boltless rack on the other side to form a letter U.


Advantages of Boltless Rack 

Easy to Install  

One significant difference between bolted racks and boltless racks is that for a bolted rack you will be needing a number of tools just to set it up. However, for boltless racks, you can install them yourself because it is easy and you will only be needing a rubber mallet to hammer the shelves in place. You will not have to worry about bolts or nuts being lost or getting rusted ever again. 



Boltless shelves are very durable since they are made from galvanized steel. You will not be needing to worry about common rack issues like rust and corrosion anymore.


Easy Accessibility


Boltless racks offer easy access from all sides of the rack. This helps to locate any stored items easily, which is a great advantage for homeowners. 


More Affordable

Since it is durable, it is a great cost-effective storage solution. Boltless racks are the best because it is far more affordable than any other storage system. 


Optimize the Use of Space 

One standard rectangle boltless rack can be connected with 2 or more boltless racks – which is great to maximize the space in your HDB bomb shelters. Also, what is great with this storage rack is that it gives homeowners maximum storage capacity. 



When looking for an easy storage rack installation, the boltless rack is the best choice for you. This rack can easily maximize your storage room space by connecting one standard rectangle rack with one another to form one straight row of racks, L-shaped racks, or U-shaped racks. Other than the easy installation advantage, a boltless rack is also very durable and gives easy access to all your items, it is in fact much more affordable compared to other storage systems. In addition, it is also best at optimizing the space of your room while at the same time giving maximum storage capacity. If you think a boltless rack is what you are looking for, visit our A1 Storeroom Rack website to read more information and contact us to order. We have a wide variety of quality racks (e.g. shelf rack, storeroom rack, etc.). Once you have decided on what to purchase, we will deliver it right to your doorstep and happily install the rack for you. 


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