Wooden Storage Racks vs. Metal Storage Racks – Which one to install?


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Installing a storage rack is one of the most convenient and cost-effective methods to increase the storage space in any home in Singapore. A wide variety of storage racks are available to cater to the needs of the homeowner with different budgets and space available. The storage racks are usually categorized based on the material used – with metal, wood, and plastic being the most commonly used materials. In some cases, storage shelves may be made from wood, while the rack structure is made from metal. Here are the differences, as well as pros, and cons between wooden storage racks and metal storage racks:


Wooden Storage Racks


Wooden storage racks are used extensively because of the lower cost of the raw material. It is also easier to customize wooden racks in the shape and size needed since it is easier to cut wood. They are also aesthetically pleasing. The user can choose from different kinds of wood such as pine, cherry, birch, oak, and maple. Other than the type of wood, you will also consider the different types of storeroom rack layout as well as color, pricing, hardness, and other physical properties before purchasing.


Pros of Installing Wooden Racks

One of the main advantages of installing wooden storage racks is that they give a natural and luxurious look to the property where they are installed. It is easier to customize a wooden rack so that it will exactly fit in the available space. Most wooden racks are also lighter than metal racks of the same size. Therefore, it is easier to move wooden racks from one place to another. Since the wood is softer than metal, less damage and fewer injuries are caused during accidents or if anyone hits the rack. The price of the storeroom rack, especially wooden racks made from pinewood, is also much cheaper than metal racks.


Cons of Installing Wooden Racks

One main disadvantage of wooden storage racks is that they are not very strong. They cannot be used for storing very heavy items like metal rods or machinery for a long time since they break or get deformed. The life of the wooden rack is typically 5-6 years if it is used regularly, so it must be replaced more often. Due to the high humidity levels in Singapore, mold and fungus may form on the wooden rack, and it may rot after absorbing moisture. Additionally, wooden racks are also attacked by insects, especially termites which can destroy them. Also, more material is wasted in processing wooden racks, especially if non-standard shapes are being used. These are factors to consider before setting up your storage rack at home.


Metal Storage Racks


Metal storage racks or metal shelf racks are preferred in homes because of their greater strength and durability. Most of the metal racks available, whether they are L-shaped and U-shaped storeroom racks, are made from steel or aluminum. To prevent corrosion of steel, galvanized steel or epoxy-painted steel is preferred. The metal racks can be easily assembled and disassembled whenever needed, so the cost of transporting these racks is usually lower.


Pros of Installing Metal Racks

Homeowners are increasingly opting to install metal storage racks since there are multiple benefits of using storage racks at home. They can be used for a longer time period, usually twenty years, if properly maintained. They can also carry higher loads, often 100 kg or more without bending or getting deformed. The cost of transporting the metal racks is less since only the components are usually supplied, and they are assembled or installed at home. They can also follow the instructions which are provided. The metal racks are not affected by weather conditions, especially temperature and humidity level fluctuations. Additionally, termites and other insects cannot damage the metal rack.


Cons of Installing Metal Racks

Installing a storage rack such as a metal storage rack is usually expensive since the cost of the material and the manufacturing is higher. If poor quality steel is used, it may get corroded. If used for storage of chemicals or in areas with high humidity levels, steel may chemically react, reducing the strength of the rack. Since the rack is heavier, it is more difficult to transport it. The user should be careful while handling it since it can cause more damage if it falls.


Which One is for You?


Since humidity levels in Singapore are high, the type of rack most homeowners prefers to install is a metal storage rack in their house. It can carry heavier loads, is more durable, and is easier to transport. Also, it is not affected by mold, termites, or mildew.


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It is convenient for homeowners in Singapore to install storage racks as they need to make use of their vertical space to properly store their items. There are two common types of storage racks – a wooden storage rack and a metal storage rack. Each has its own pros and cons, as mentioned above. Whichever the homeowner selects, it is best to engage professional rack installers from A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore. Not only will they help to efficiently and perfectly install your storage rack, but they also supply durable storeroom racks and boltless racks.


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