3 Things To Know Before Installing A Shelf Rack In Singapore


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If you don’t have enough space in your storage rack at home, some items will sit on the floor and on the furniture and your house will look cluttered. Since most homes in Singapore are small in size, installing one or more shelves is the first choice for homeowners looking to add storage space quickly. Owners should first determine the specifications of the shelves in Singapore based on where they wish to place them as they will be able to negotiate better with their suppliers. Listed below are some of the main factors that should be considered before purchasing a shelf rack.


Placement of the Shelf Rack


One of the main considerations when choosing a racking system is placement. If the shelf is placed outside, near a window, it may be exposed to higher humidity and temperature. In these cases, one of the benefits of having a shelf rack in your HDB flat that is made of galvanized steel or powder-coated material is that it is stronger and requires less maintenance than wood shelves that may rot over time. If the shelves are placed inside the home, the owner can use wood, plywood, or a metal rack shelf, depending on load-carrying capacity, budget, and other factors. Plastic racks are preferred in the bathroom as they are waterproof.

Measure the Wall


Typically, storeroom racks are placed inside the storage rooms or bomb shelter racks inside bomb shelters in Housing Development Board (HDB) flats. To avoid problems at a later date, the property owner should accurately measure the dimensions of the storeroom, so that he can purchase the right racks, which will fit properly in the room, utilizing the space available. There are four walls in each room, and walls with doors are usually not considered racks because the doors will open and close repeatedly. The length of each wall should be noted down. Typically, each rack has a height of around two meters.

Placement of The First Rack

For efficient use of available space, it is common to place the first rack against the shortest length of the wall. The depth of the rack will vary with smaller racks having a depth of 40 or 50 cm.

Placement of The Second Rack

The second rack is usually placed on the longer side of the wall. Since the shelf is longer, it also has a greater depth for storing larger items, there are many shelves with a depth of 50 cm to choose from.

Review Your Shelf Rack Size


Before purchasing whatever type of rack for your home, the owner should double-check the dimensions of the shelf, as changing dimensions can be expensive and time-consuming. While the shorter length shelves are generally less deep, buyers should also consider the items that will be stored. If larger items are being kept on the rack, the user should purchase shelves of greater depth for even the smaller racks.


The Function of the Shelf Rack


Many items, such as umbrellas, winter coats, and holiday decorations, are only used for a few weeks or months each year before being put away. Often, the family members find it difficult to locate the items or these items get damaged, resulting in expensive purchases. This is when you should buy a shelf rack. By putting these items on the shelves of the racks, you are making sure they are safe and remain in good condition, plus it is easily accessible. After living in the house for a few years, many people find that there is a lot of clutter around, making the house look cluttered because they do not have any storage space.  A shelf rack is one of the most affordable storage options available, costing far less than a cupboard. It is also easier to locate any item which is required and put it back after it has been used.


Hire A Professional To Install Your Shelf Rack

Most shelf sellers deliver the components of the shelf to reduce shipping costs, and the shelf has to be assembled at home. Since a majority of Singapore families lack the expertise to assemble the shelf rack, it is advisable to hire the services of A1 Storeroom Rack since our experienced, skilled, and well-equipped staff has assembled a large number of shelves of different designs and sizes for our customers.



When opting to install a shelf rack in Singapore, there are things to keep in mind like what will it be used for, what will you put on it, and where to place the shelf rack. You should also know your wall measurement just so you will know what shelf rack size to get. Then, you should also know that it is truly beneficial to hire a professional to install your shelf rack. They have the right tools and expertise needed for this kind of job. All of the staff are well trained to do this installation efficiently and effectively.


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