4 Benefits of Having A Shelf Rack In Your HDB Flat


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Most households in Singapore will start by purchasing the necessary furniture for their homes, such as tables, chairs, and beds. However, they will soon find that their home looks very cluttered and it will be difficult for them to move around the house if things are littered around due to a lack of storage space. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase one or more shelf racks to store various items in the house. Some of the many benefits of purchasing a shelf rack in Singapore are described below, to convince homeowners who are not sure whether it is worth investing money in purchasing an additional shelf rack.


Have Additional Storage


One of the main benefits of having a shelf rack in your HDB flat is that the family has extra storage space for the various items they own. While most people have a cupboard and some storage space, they often find that it is not adequate after they have lived in the house for several years. While buying cupboards may increase the available storage space, it is expensive, has limited storage capacity, and takes up more floor space. In contrast, a storage rack will utilize the vertical space in the house and is also more affordably priced, since less material is required for manufacturing. On the other hand, one of the things to know before installing a shelf rack in Singapore is that it is more affordable and it efficiently utilizes the vertical space in your house.


Keep Things More Organized


If only limited storage space is available, family members will dump all their items together, often making it difficult to retrieve the items at a later date. There are different types of racks (e.g. storage rack, storeroom rack, boltless rack, etc.) that allow the user to organize all items individually according to the type of items, clothes, books, and tools that can be placed on different shelves for easy access. Also since these racks do not have any doors or walls, all the items stored are usually easily visible, and locating or retrieving the item required will take less time.




The rent or sale price of a home usually depends on the floor area of the home. Due to high property prices, many families in Singapore live in tiny houses and find they have very little storage space.  In this case, floor-to-ceiling shelving will greatly increase the available storage space without taking up too much floor space. In most homes, the vertical space below the ceiling is wasted while the floor space is used for furniture and moving around the house. Since most types of racks are good with utilizing vertical spaces, floor space is saved and can be better utilized.



You might be wondering when you should buy a new shelf rack. If you choose the right shelf to carry your stuff, they are very durable and can last for decades, even with fluctuating temperatures. Hence, the homeowner should decide which are the heaviest items he will use, as this will help in choosing a rack of the right thickness, load bearing capacity.


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Having a shelf rack in your home is truly beneficial to Singaporean families because, through this, they will be having additional storage and can keep their things more organized. In addition to that, the rack itself is durable and space-saving. Homeowners who are into organizing their things at home should know that it is beneficial to hire a professional to install the shelf rack for you. Contact A1 Storeroom Rack Singapore because they have the right tools and expertise. They are more than capable to help you with this project at your home.


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